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Red Devil, Free Amigurumi pattern

This little Red Devil is designed by Mrsdevil. The original Thai pattern is published on her blog. (

I have translated it with permission into English.

Click here to download the free English, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish Red Devil PDF Amigurumi patterns.

This pattern is also available in the following languages:

If you have a e-reader like a Kindle, iPad, Sony E-Reader or a Nook: you can download the pattern for your e-reader on

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  1. How cute - thanks for the pattern...that will come in handy for Halloween...or Valentine's Day :-)

  2. This guy is really cute and I love all the other patterns she has listed. What language is her blog written in?

  3. Cute, he looks like a fun devil!

  4. Absolutely adorable! Thank you for the translaton. May I sell the finished products I make from the Red Devil pattern? Thank you!

  5. Hi

    You have to ask Mrsdevil if you can sell the finished dolls. The link to her blog is in the post.


  6. This pattern is so cute! Thank you for posting it :D. I love the crossed arms ^_^

  7. MrsDevils blog is in Thai. There are many Thai Amigurumi designers. Crochet and Kawaii is very popular in Thailand.

  8. Lindisimo el diablito super adorable.

  9. how big would this be??

  10. merci pour ce tuto
    je l'ai réalisé il est trop mignon

  11. Hello, how do I have to sew the devil's head with the body? I'm a beginner with stuffed toys, and the sizes of body and head's opening are little bit different. Thanks for helping me. I love your blog :) Stefi.

  12. Hi I just wat to ask how did you bend it's horns?? I have no idea in doing it. PLEASE REPLY ASAP !! T^T
    Thanks in advance !!


  13. I just love that Devil!:). Last year I have seen him for the first time. I did knew that I will need to make him sooner or later!! and I did about couple weeks ago. All I need to do is to make a picture of him.
    I always give away all my crochet items to my family or friends. I don't keep anything for my self. But that cute Devil will stay with me!:).



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