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Amigurumi patterns on the Kindle

Seven of my Amigurumi patterns are available for the Amazon Kindle. The Kindle is an electronic book reader. The text looks very sharp and crisp: it looks even better than on paper. You can easily find and get the patterns onto your Kindle. In the coming weeks I will add more patterns.


  1. Can you take a screen capture so I can see what it would look like? I have an older version of the Kindle and wonder how it will look. But Kuddos to you for putting your stuff on kindle.

  2. Hi Sara,

    You can download a sample on your Kindle.

    If you buy it and are not satisfied you can return it and get your money back. Though I read you have to return it within 3 minutes or so (Probably in case you download it by accident).

    The patterns have been re-formatted for Kindle. Which was a lot of work. I made the layout very simple and let the Kindle align and format the text.

    The photos are in grey ofcourse.

    Advantages of the Kindle:
    - You have all your books with you and can start reading very quickly.
    - The text is very crisp and bright. Even better than a book.
    - You can lend a pattern to a friend. And it's legal :)
    - When you like to get a new pattern, you can look it up and start crocheting in a minute. Wherever you are.

    Enjoy your Kindle!



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