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Easy Crochet Pattern for a Little Witch, Devil and Pumpkin Girl

Witch, Devil, Pumpkin Girl crochet pattern

I was asked to create a small and cute Jazzy the Witch. Here it is together with a little devil and pumpkin girl. The pattern can be bought on Etsy.


  1. These are adorable

  2. Que Chiquitines por favor estan hermosos!!!♥Mel

  3. Me encantan. estas muñe quitas
    Felicidades son muy hermosas

  4. I was curious about their tops. I bought the pattern, and I've made the witch and the pumpkin girl, but the witch hat and pumpkin top were much to big and I've had to their an updated pattern? :) I love them though they're adorable!

  5. The pattern is correct. The witch hat is 3 sts bigger than the head and I stuff head tightly. The pumpkin cap has 6chs more than the head but in the last rnd is go down to 36 sts same as head. If the cap is to big, you can make the last 2-3 rnds down to 36 sts.


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