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Little Duckies

This is my latest pattern for Eastern: Little Duckies.

These duckies are cute and easy to make. They only use a little bit of yarn. It took me less than two hours to make one ducky. The size of the duckies depends on the size of the crochet hook, thickness of yarn and how you stuff them. A bigger hook and thicker yarn makes a bigger doll. A doll stuffed tightly is bigger than a loosely stuffed doll.

For the big ducky I used DK (crocheted 2 strands together) and a 5 mm hook. For the medium sized duckies I used DK (crocheted one strand) and a 4mm hook. For the smallest duckies I used fine cotton (sport, baby) and a 3 mm hook.

 The pattern can be purchased on:


The above links sell e-books: you can read them on your smartphone or tablet. This pattern also is in a book: Easy Amigurumi.

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