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New: Huggy Dolls Paperback Book

I've just published all Huggy Dolls patterns as a book. This is a real paperback book and not an e-book. The book is now available on and

A German edition will be available in August.

This collection of crochet patterns I wrote in 2012. They were published as e-books for the Amazon Kindle e-Reader. People without a Kindle asked me often how they could get the patterns. I collected them all together in this pattern book. Learned how to self publish a book and created the cover. This is the first book in a series. After this more will follow: I hope to publish all my patterns in book form. I hope you enjoy these books.

The following patterns are included:

- Huggy Monkey
- Huggy Bunny
- Huggy Bear
- Huggy Cats
- Izzy
- Denise
- Amy
- 3 witches
- Devils
- Gingerbread man
- Snowman
- Santa
- Huggy Bee

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  1. Oh my stars, they are adorable! I will be buying this book! I love making dolls and these would be good for my little grand-daughter. Thank you so much for these wonderful patterns.


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