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Round 20 of feet for the Huggy Dolls

Some crocheters ask about round 20 of the feet for my Huggy Dolls patterns (like the devils above). They have difficulty getting it right. One reason might be that row 14-19 is worked in rows and at round 20 you switch back to working in rounds. 

I will explain round 20 in ample detail: step by step, with pictures. 

Round 20 is working around the edge of the foot: 

I used pink yarn for round 20 so you can see it more clearly.

Working in row 19:  Ch 1, sc next 2 sts tog, sc in next st, sc next 2 sts tog.

The picture below shows the first 3 sts made:

Working in ends of rows 14-19:  (sc next 2 rows tog) 3 times. 

The pictures show the 4th stitch made.

The pictures below show the 5th stitch made:

The pictures show the 6th stitch made:

Working in round 13:  sc in next st, (sc next 2 sts tog) 2 times, sc in next st.

The picture shows the 7th stitch made:

This picture shows the 8th stitch made:

The picture below shows the 9th and 10th stitch made:

Working in ends of rows 15-19: sc in next row, (sc next 2 rows tog) 2 times. 

(Total stitches of round 20 = 13)

The 2 pictures below show the 11th stitch made:

The pictures below show the 12th stitch made:

The pictures show the 13th stitch made (the last stitch of round 20):

I hope you can now make the Huggy Doll feet. Enjoy crocheting.

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  1. I was looking at amigurumi, which I LOVE, yours is fantastic! I saw the little foot that you crocheted and it looks so good! I am going to do it that way from now on... thank you and bless your heart! Laura


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