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Little Gnomes with Mushroom Houses: New Amigurumi crochet pattern

For the winter I wrote a new crochet pattern: Little Gnomes. These gnomes are secretive creatures from the tundra of Lapland. They spend most of the year underground making and baking sweet treats. On the days nearing Christmas they get more active and then, on that special day (Christmas), they hitch a ride on Santa's sleigh and deliver sweets to everybody. Christmas gnomes are also very wise, wiser than their cousins, the garden gnomes. These dolls are inspired by Scandinavian folklore: a Tomtenisse. A Tomtenisse is a little creature no more than 3 feet with a long beard and colorful clothes.

The crochet pattern is sold  by:

- (Kindle e-book)

- (Kindle)

- Ravelry (instand PDF download)

- Etsy (PDF)

- Apple iTunes/ iBookstore (ePub)

- Kobobooks (ePub) in Canada, UK and USA

You can make the gnomes and mushrooms bigger or smaller, without changing the patterns. The gnome is about 5 inches/ 12.5 cm high. The mushroom house is 7 inches/ 17.5 cm high. The size of the dolls depend on the size of crochet hook, thickness of yarn and how you stuff them; a bigger hook and thicker yarn make bigger gnomes. A gnome stuffed tightly is bigger than a loosely stuffed gnome.

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