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Little Panda

In the kitchen I have a set to make little Sushi pandas from seaweed and rice. They inspired me to make this little Panda.

Download the free PDF crochet pattern on Google Drive.

The Kindle e-Book edition is available for free on and Amazon UK.

A German PDF is also available (many thanks to Andrea Gaida for the translation)

Update (Oct 2017): The is Panda pattern is now also available in Italian and Dutch.

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The legs are pointing forwards and he can sit very well.

Please do not share this PDF pattern online. Point others instead to this page where they can download the pattern themselves.

See and download the PDF.

Other websites where you can download this pattern for free: (free Kindle e-book)

Amazon UK (free Kindle e-book)

Apple iTunes/ iBookstore (eBook for iPads)

Google Play (eBook for Android)

Ravelry (PDF download)

Craftsy (PDF download)

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