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March and April have been not as productive as other months. Usually I have no complete picture of what the finished doll will be like when I start. I like to see where it goes. I work on several projects of which some get finished months later. Remembe Kai-Lan of a month ago? I made actually three Kai-Lan's until I was finally happy with her. Pooh Bear and Friends went very quickly. Since then I started with a princess. The doll is smaller and easier than my Jazzy dolls:

Princess Amigurumi 

The dress is inspired by the Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I do not know where to take it from here. So they are abandoned orphans for now. Instead I started on these flower people:

Mr Sunflower Amigurumi

The first one is very cute. A friend on Facebook asked if I had a tiger sized in between my big Hobbes and tiny Tigger. The flowers are left for now and yesterday I started on this Tigger:


A lot is going on but I don't know which patterns will be ready for May. Also each month I like to make a free pattern. Not sure which one. A friend has a Thai bear pattern which I can translate to English. I also started on a Nurse based on the same body as the princess. Perhaps she will be the next free pattern.


  1. Oh my Gosh! I love love love Mr. Sunflower!

  2. OMG! love the little tigger that you started!i want to see it when is done... i would love to made one for me ...


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